The Parish of the Holy Family
Sacrament Guidelines 


Offer a time of focus specific to understanding a particular sacrament before celebrating it. It is set outside of, over and above general Faith Formation classes/sessions or Catholic school, with a specific focus on a particular sacrament. For Catholic school students not enrolled in a parish religious education program, the preparation and celebration of a sacrament takes place in the parish of registration.

Requirements before celebrating First Reconciliation and First Eucharist:

the child must be baptized and have attended at least 2 full years of active participation in a parish faith formation program or Catholic school.

Requirements before celebrating Confirmation:

The teen must be baptized, and enters into a 2 year preparation period (called “Proximate Preparation”) at the beginning of 8th grade that is included in a parish faith formation program or Catholic school. Celebration of the sacrament is in 9th grade, after participation in several parish-based sessions (called “Immediate Preparation”) not offered in the parish faith formation program or at Catholic school.

Congratulations to our candidates who celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation on Wednesday,
October 26, 2016. 
May the Holy Spirit continue to bless them as they continue on their faith journey.

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