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          Our Youth Programs will be starting up again soon!! ! We currently have about 35 students participating in ourjunior high program, made up of students in grades 6-8th. We have about 20 in our senior high which is made up of students in grades 9-12th grade. There is a lot of energy in both groups and we looking forward to a great year of sharing our faith with the parish and our community.   Click on the link below to see the schedule for Jr. & Sr. High Youth
 The phone line to youth ministry is always open 24/7. 
Please call with your questions or just to say "Hi" at 247-4322 ext. 140.
Any question Please contact Mrs. Dunning @ 247-4322 ext 140 or E mail at           

Hands of Christ  

Hands of Christ Award Recipients 2018

Kristina Decosse

Nicole Hueber

John Larson

Nicholas Mazzola

Quinlan Mulhern

Nicole Perrello

Stephen Perrello

Paige Shipley

Dennis Swetz

Kaitlyn Vassaw

Awards 2017 
NCYC 2017 

¨ Foundations 
  Camp Stella Maris Wegman Building
  February 16-20, 2018

¨ High School Lenten Retreat 
  St. Jude Worship Site
  March 10, 2018

¨ Junior High Retreat 
  St. Jude Worship Site
  March 17, 2018

¨ Mother-Daughter Retreat
  St. Jude Worship Site
  April 14, 2018

We would like to thank you all for your support and prayers as we made our way to National Catholic Youth Conference. This is what the experience has meant.

     “Back in 2013, when I went to NCYC the experience left me enriched . . . This time it made my heart pure, and lit a light in my heart! “Serina Justiniano

     “I never expected to get out as much as I did on this trip . . . Through this experience I have bonded with lifelong friends. I am forever changed and will never forget what I gained from this truly amazing experience.”   Ashley Turcotte

     “My experience at NCYC has left me speechless . . .  I am so happy that I got to share this with the youth of my church. We have grown as a family together and we will continue to grow in the future.”  Nicole Schneider

     “You must see it to believe it” Tyler Decosse

     “It doesn’t end here, it is only the beginning.” Nicole Perrello

     “A chance that I am glad I took, the feeling you get is unbelievable.”   Rosaline DiFilippo

     “God’s grace works in funny ways.”   Adrianna Calamita

     “I didn’t have good expectations coming to NCYC, but my experience was entirely positive. I had a great time, and am so happy I got to become close with a wonderful of people/my family much love and thank you.” Sofia Mazzola

     “I am so much closer to God now and I will never question my faith again. I am defiantly coming next time and I will look forward to it every day.” Jared Rose

     “What it means to be here this far is just pure happiness. Why pure happiness? You are constantly growing in Faith and that’s happiness.”  John Larson

     “I am here to become closer to my faith, to learn true happiness with God, and to meet new people while I am here in Indianapolis.”   Reilly Girard

     “I am at NCYC to become closer to God. Having to wait until Junior year is a blessing because I now know that I am ready to experience this to the fullest, meeting new people is another blessing of this.”  Ryan Potter

     “I honestly had no idea what to expect when I came here. I am a sophomore and what I have seen is just  amazing. The atmosphere is electric!!! Seeing people from all across the country laughing and talking with each other sharing their faith, I can tell that this will be one of my most favorite    
experiences, and it will bring me closer to my faith
Quinn Mulhern

     “This is my sixth NCYC and I am always so very touched to watch the young church grow closer and stronger in their faith. I would like to thank all the chaperones who also said yes to this call. To grow stronger in their own faith and to journey with our youth. You are all a  blessing to me.”  Rose Dunning

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